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Anti-Lice Treatments

1. PESTICIDES – Neurotoxic Mode of Action:

The best way to eradicate head lice is to treat the scalp and hair with insecticide (a medicated anti-lice treatment).

Key points:

  • It is important that whichever treatment is used that sufficient quantity is applied.
  • Special attention should be given to behind the ears and the nape of the neck.

Insecticide Treatment Options:

Many safe and effective insecticides (anti-lice treatments) are available, including:

The two popular insecticides below are the same compound however permethrin is a synthesized version. Both have a similar mechanism of action.

Two other alternatives are:

Click on each of the above links to learn more about the insecticides, how effective they are, and in which commercial products they can be found.

2. NON-PESTICIDE – Dehydrating Mode of Action:

A new anti-lice product has been approved in Canada in 2006; Resultz™. This product contains 50 per cent isopropyl myristate (active ingredient) and 50 per cent ST-cyclomethicone, ingredients commonly found in dermatologic preparations. The product works by dissolving the wax that covers the exoskeleton of head lice, a mechanical mode of action that dehydrates lice and causes them to die.

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